Calliope Magazine Submission          Guidelines

We are not taking submissions at this time

Calliope is a new literary magazine supporting writers, poets and spoken word performers and visual artists, at this time there is no submission or reading fee.

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

Our submission period is open now; we do not plan on closing it for quite some time.

Please Check The Future Issues Tab  To See What We Are Looking For In Future Issues 

We do not charge a submission fee or a reading fee therefore we only offer contributors unlocked PDF files.


  1. Submit Original previously unpublished work only. If you are sending us work that appears on your website, blog, self-publishing site or a social networking site, please remove it prior to submitting to us. If your submission is accepted by another publication, please inform us at once.
  2. Submissions should be no more than 1500 words
  3. Submissions will only be accepted in word docs and PDF (you may also copy and paste them into an email, but this is not preferred)
  4. You may send multiple works per submission
  5. Submissions will only be accepted via email
  6. Please spell and grammar check your work before submitting
  7. All submissions will have the word “Submission” in the subject field or they will not be read.
  8. Expect a response within 20 days of receipt of your submission, we will not respond (accept or decline) with a form letter, however we will comment on your work. If your work is declined, please wait 3 months before submitting that particular piece again.
  9. Email art and photography and written submissions to

 Our guidelines are subject to change so please check back with us prior to submitting.

Visual Artists may submit up to four pieces at a time for consideration. Please use PNG  or JPEG files

Please if possible submit your work in hi res.

Please make sure you put your name on your submission! Thank you !